by musaab hussien

In the legal filing, JUUL says that “the manufacturer or source of Defendants’ product remains a mystery.” Intellectual property theft and cloned products are common problems for companies that manufacture products in Chinese factories. There have even been stories of factories making legitimate products under contract, and at the same time producing clones of the same device.

We can't help but notice there are increasingly more counterfeit JUUL items being sold on the market. The same is happening in the UAE. market which I had came across. We want to help you identify the fake ones by looking at tiny details that can be found when putting the real and fake together in comparison.

1. The font on the fake one is different. Font uses on the authentic looks much nicer and slimmer.

2. "while supplies last" is not aligned middle. The whole thing is just way off. This also applies to the limited edition JUUL pods when you are looking out for fake pods. Counterfeit designs may improve over time and this may not always be the same if you are looking for references.

3. Colours are obviously different.

This fake limited navy JUUL I have seen being sold in the retail shops in the U.S. There is no guarantee that JUULs are 100% authentic in the U.S. You have to learn to look for the differences.
This is a must-know knowledge when spotting for fake pods. When you look inside the Juulpod package, the fake pods have a shiny reflective side. Apparently, the counterfeits have not changed this over years, even in the very latest Juul pod fake editions. 

Also, the fake pods liquid is in very darkish colour. Normal Juulpod liquid would still turn yellowish because of oxidation but never in that colour.
Some of the fake Juul kit I have seen has different designs like the charging part in this picture. 

There are many other things to look out for. Starter kits do not come in other JUUL color except only black. 

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المعروض في السوق كله غير اصلي وطعم العصير متغير

أحمد مبارك

I bought one juul kit from bawadi vape and it was totally FAAAAAKE!!


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